By Edwin Almeida

November 27, 2018

On the surface - Industry Trainers (IT), Industry Bodies (IB) and in a way, the industry regulators, have allowed the real estate industry to go rogue.

High pressure sales tactics

In fact, most IT proclaim their training methods, to be “customer focused.” Are they, or are the strategies taught simply, “high pressure sales tactics” from the 1970’s and 80's and with very little regard for clients?

When you look deeper into the training methods, the main focus appears to be – high pressure sales tactics, to obtain ‘Vendor Paid Advertising’ or any other upfront fee. Different from, a commitment to achieving a better result for clients. 

The learned methods of high pressure sales are applied on vendors (clients employing the agents) and the learned tactics used, leads only to agent-gains. 

Below are some examples, of the online media campaigns promoting both – sales methods to be adopted by agents and the general (gutter level) sentiment, found and promoted in the industry. 

Notably, NOT all the industry players, adopt these training methods. However, a large percentage do. What you are about to see, is only skimming the surface of what is promoted in the industry. 

Preview cover image

Preview cover image

Were you surprised, or has the result of the training methods being adopted, become an expected outcome of a badly regulated industry, in the first instance?

The above, is one of the many reasons, I have broken rank with the mainstream real estate industry. The gravy train has to stop - soliciting high-fees and not for their intended purpose, is illegal, in anyone's language. 

It is time - vendors and landlords, were compensated for: badly managed rental properties and badly executed sales campaigns.

I will even go as far and say, tenants may even have a greater claim against property managers, with respect to, but not limited to – loss of health, future health issues and loss of money as well as personal property.

The final thought

The final thought or question is – were you inspired, shocked or perhaps seen it all before? I have been in the industry close to 20 years, and I can tell you – it has been allowed to get worse, year on year.

Now, is the time for a revamp and a wake-up call. Don’t just place your business anywhere. Question the upfront fees, and most of all – ask for a Service and Money Back Guarantee. 

If you believe, you have lost money, or your rental property has been mismanaged, feel free to contact us. We have teamed up with industry consultants, able to assist you claim back, what you may have lost.